Song Selection

Your guests will be moved by the energy that we create

We are experts at choosing the right songs at the right time. Our priority is for your guests to stay on the dance floor and enjoy themselves. After DJ’ing hundreds of weddings we know the songs that work and we are always aware of the latest songs on the top 40 charts.

Paul wants to help you build your song list, together.

It is your day, so your opinion counts. You know what your friends like and you know what your Mom likes.
Let Paul help you craft just the right mix to keep everyone happy.

Check out these resources to find the perfect Wedding playlists

Sometimes a “do not play” play list is just as helpful

If you choose to let your guests make requests to the DJ (which is fine), you’ll need protection. You may want to provide a “do not play, no matter what” list. With this list you can rest assured that Starlite won’t let your cousin Tracy play The Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide and YMCA back to back all night long.

Check out the latest Billboard charts for inspiration